YES YOU CAN BACK A BIG TRUCK IN EASILY. Loading Gate is 13' high by 12' wide.

118' L x 74' W  with                27'6" L x 40' W (alcove)

10,000 sq ft Shooting Space with 21ft Ceilings (4,500 of that is Column Free - 57' x 74')

1x Dedicated 400 Amp 3-Phase Camlock Drop (400 amps per leg)

Separate 400 Amp House Power

1500 sq ft Area for Art or Woodshop

500 sq ft Loading Dock - Direct Drive in

2500 sq ft 1st floor Support/Production Space available with advanced notice

3 Bathrooms, Full Heating



Quiet Heating and Air Conditioning

1900 sq ft Light Room

3 Offices (2x 200 sq ft and 1x 500 sq ft)

3 Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe/Green Rooms (1170 sq ft total)

Men and Women's Bathrooms

1 Private Bathroom with Shower