GUM HAS 2 LARGE LEVEL-1 QPF FILM STAGES. One in Queens and one in brooklyn. We've built our stages out to be film & photo-friendly.

GUM provides in-house equipment rentals, as well as in-house production assistance.

We're here to help you with anything you need whether it's loaning out fishing wire or finding green screen treadmills. 

GUM Long island city features 10,000 sq ft shooting area, 6,000 sq ft of ground floor support space, and 5000 sq ft of support space on the mezzanine.  

our new 2nd stage, gum brooklyn, is 20,000 sq ft, column free and 22ft to bottom beam. It features a 100'x65' corner cyc, and 5000 sq ft of support space.




We offer the convenience of our in-house lighting company YETI and have partnerships with all rental houses.

Please contact us first with regards to placing equipment orders; all communication regarding equipment rates occurs via GUM Studios.  

 Inquire at

We provide the latest (as well as vintage!) in LED, Kinoflo, Arri, Mole Richardson and more. We take great care of our equipment, and check everything out as it comes in and out to make sure you're working with top quality gear.  



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