On the way to greatness: Peloton

It usually takes some time for us to find out what we really want. Once you do, you’ll find it easier to grab the power you need to actually get it. What is pushing it to the next level is using that power to your full potential.  That’s all you need to motivate yourself and get unexpected results.

“Work harder, play harder”. Everyone faces the difficult challenge of maintaining motivation when you want to achieve goals, but you actually can! With the Peloton experience, you’ll get to really be able to know what you can do. 

With this system, exercise will encourage you to channel energy and to be in shape. Motivation, it matters. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but having it or lacking can set the course of your destiny. Motivation is the most powerful weapon to achieve happiness! 

Make up your mind! There’s no better way to indulge than doing something to feel better outside and inside. A Peloton bike isn’t just spinning: it’s smiling, sweating and evolving. 

Committed to bringing to life creative and innovative ideas, GUM Studios worked on this project with Peloton and we couldn’t be happier!  As one of the most dynamic film studios in NYC, we’re always excited to get to create and develop ideas from great companies and brands. 

One Peloton was shot partly in our LIC location, and always hand in hand with the best in the industry, we bring together what you want to present with your brand: innovation, quality and uniqueness. 

Welcome to the GUM studios mindset!