Into the wild: Zara 2019 campaign shot at GUM

GUM studios had the pleasure of working with Zara in their most recent campaign. As one of the production companies in NYC with a reputation for being innovative and modern, it was a pleasure to work with a company that is equally creative and groundbreaking. Their style, popularity, and verstaily has turned the brand into a one-stop-shop for every style. 

For their spring-summer 2019 campaign, Zara took inspiration directly from North Africa to present her wild new collection. The acclaimed photographer Steven Meisel was the one who graced this NYC photography studio with his style and very particular vision, while he directed the models Vittoria Ceretti, Lexi Boling, Anyelina Rosa, Veronika Kunz, and Amanda Murphy to turn this fashion statements into a spectacular visual event.

With colorful tunics, this campaign focuses on giving an uninhibited and boundless appearance to the new collection, set in the Moroccan desert. The styling is by Karl Templer. The art direction was from Fabien Baron, who gave it that special touch. 

Overall, GUM studios loves to take on new projects that make ideas come out as one-of-a-kind campaigns. When you’re thinking of production studios in NYC, think about the one that will bring your unusual ideas into fruitful conclusions. We would love to help and bring out the light in all your projects, in any of our studios!