Mapplethorpe: An icon, censored

If you have kept up with GUM studios, you know we love a challenge. And that’s exactly what we got with this project.

Provocative and perfectionist, soon you’ll be able to enjoy the life and work of the great Robert Mapplethorpe on the big screen.

The New York photographer stood out for having a great technical mastery that he used to defy conventionalism. His series of flowers and nudes were known by having such a high sexual charge that they even qualified as pornographic.

The film focuses on the period of the 70s and 80s when the photographer turned his Hasselblad camera into a half-format medium. With it, she begins to photograph her circle of friends and acquaintances among whom are artists, composers, people of high society, but also porn actors and characters of the most diverse industries.

Later, in the 80s, Mapplethorpe would become a sought-after editorial photographer called by headlines such as Vogue or Vanity Fair that would commission much of his portraits.

The film is directed by documentary filmmaker Ondi Timoner and was already screened last spring at the Tribeca Film Festival, and parts of it were shot in our Brooklyn location.

You can now enjoy the trailer all over the web, and soon you’ll get to enjoy the movie that showcases the life of this amazing character who thought out of the box… Exactly what we love to do at GUM Film Studios!