New 80's Geico Ad Shot at GUM

Everything vintage is back. The question is: did it really ever leave? It seems not.

In a virtualized world, the brain impels us to look back, to sink into the basic substrates of emotion, where we feel safe, and that causes longing. Currently, there is a frenzy for what happened “back in the day”, for nostalgia, and for everything, that evokes memories of the best times of our life.

Without a doubt, Geico has made the best of it by launching a new campaign that is just perfect for the nostalgic folks. The company, which has been making staple commercials spanning almost three decades has now launched an ad to determine, once and for all, something that has been firing up debates for years: what’s the greatest Geico ad of all time?

This time, the old-time viewers visited the campaign’s webpage to view popular ads from the Caveman, the Gecko, the Hump Day camel, and Maxwell the Pig. Then, they voted for their favorite and the big reveal will happen once the entries closed.

For GUM studios, it was a delight getting retro on set! With a true 80s feel, the set was designed and brought to life in our Brooklyn studios, and as an NYC production company, born and raised; it was really fun to reminisce about how fashion, interior design, and families were back in the day.

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