A look into Prada’s New SS ‘19 collection

Fashion has crept into every corner of our lives. Although some insist that it is a luxury that a few can give, the reality is that seasonal trends influence everything that touches, to filter through the lives of "ordinary" people.

The new collections of privacy, summer, and large design houses are ready to present the best in the streets and on the catwalk.

Discover Prada‘s SS 2019 advertising campaign through a snippet of a short film we shot at GUM in NYC. Featuring model Jonas Gloer, it portrays a multifaceted style for a single person within several atmospheres. The campaign was captured by fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre. Styling is work of Olivier Rizzo, with beauty from hairstylist Duffy, and makeup artist Aaron de Mey. The one in charge of creative direction was David James, and honestly… it came out incredible!

This collection refers to the reality of how people look and how they play with the subjectivity of sensuality. In the short film, everything is implied: the promise of an exciting and stylish day, a window into privacy and the subject of a new whole conversation come the night.

It was truly fun working in such a vast concept! For a film production studio in NYC like GUM, it’s quite an experience working with a big fashion label and get to design and put together an amazing set for them. We look forward to working with all the major names in fashion in 2019!