The power of the Master - Equinox Campaign shot at GUM

Do you know how powerful your body actually is? 

Strengthening up is all about power. Not power over others, but the power to conquer your own limits. That’s why establishing a powerful ritual for your workout is so important. Rituals allow you to incorporate new and better benefits to the process of doing something until it's achieved. And it may actually show you that some of these benefits are more powerful than the original action itself. 

As a production studio in NYC that loves to go a step forward, we want to work with brands that empower, inspire and strengthen. That’s why we loved the campaign we shot with Bonduke Studio for Equinox Master 1. What a whirlwind! 

Directed by Bon Duke and produced by New Light Films, it was shot at our NYC Gum Studios location. The power of this choreography by Daisha Graf was definitely a power trip with Paige Munroe at the front and center of it. 

Gone are excuses and putting plans on the freezer. It's time to take control of your body once and for all. Sport or a fitness routine is as important as taking care of your mental wellbeing, you just have to find the perfect routine that provides you with the sense of power you need, and increases the strength you need to go that one step forward. Try and be the Master of your own fate! What’s the worst that can happen?

GUM Film Studios NYC