Beauty through the ages: Isabella Rossellini

It was in the 90s when the multi-faceted model and actress Isabella Rossellini became the image of the French brand and, three decades later, she’s back to claim the throne at 63 years old. At GUM studios, we considered it an honor to have worked with such an icon of beauty, grace, and elegance.

Shot at our Brooklyn Film studio, this campaign was something special: with a clean cut outline, the main message is “beauty is not defined by age”. While the beauty industry is growing by pushing several trends on the global market, the “natural” trends are equally starting to grow. Coming back to the idea that women are aging naturally, it has become something beautiful to embrace. This return to Lancôme is linked to the idea that, while Rossellini was the ideal face of the brand 30 years ago, her beauty and uniqueness is just as striking as it has ever been.

It’s a clear rejection of the association between youth and beauty. "If we look at most ads, you might think that makeup is only for pretty girls in their twenties," Rossellini has said. "Seeing other types of women means that both adults and young women are not afraid to grow old". What a statement!

At GUM, we are always surprised at the diversity of the world. That’s why we love bringing new ideas to life! Whether its shoes, beauty or a concept – our NYC film studio will make it happen.

Are you ready to see your ideas become color, movement, and beauty?

Carlos Guzman