Adidas Y3 Campaign shot at GUM

Year after year, brands do everything they can to deliver the most innovative designs, implement state-of-the-art technology or simply extract the most exclusive pair. Of course, Adidas will never stay behind, and the new D4 Y3 is no exception.

Nowadays, running isn’t only a sports activity, but an escape from everyday life, a distraction, passion and motivation among many others. Having a run is just the start or the tip of a perfect day. But just as exercising, having the right shoes is not an issue of comfort, but a need for style and a personal signature.

The best running or athleisure shoes are those that are the most suitable for your very own style. In this short, produced by Standard Black, you can see the versatility, modernity and very particular Adidas style.

These shoes promise to help you achieve a better experience when you run and make the best out of your efforts, in every training and every day out. Our studios in Brooklyn were beyond excited to have the Adidas team production turning the 4D running shoe ideas into an incredibly visual ad campaign.

With a play of lights, black and white and two models, the ad is silent but visually appealing. The magic comes from the way in which the shoes are presented, and the avant-garde simplicity of creatives making you want a pair for yourself.

GUM - Film Studios NYC

Carrie White