Celebrating love with Charli XCX

Shooting a video clip is so much fun! The concept can inspire and give way to a whole new idea in terms of visual effects, the narration of the video, the theme or something else that has nothing to do with the song.

Everything it depends on is the creativity that the video has. And at GUM, we have been able to see some AMAZING productions come to light! Recently, we had the opportunity to have Charli XCX home at our film studios for rent in NYC.

Along with the album announcement, Charli XCX has spent a lot of time shooting a new music video for "Blame It on Your Love" with the breathtaking Lizzo. It was filmed in our Sunset Park studios and directed by Bradley & Pablo. "Charli" is their first studio album since "Sucker" in 2014.

As for the concept, this video is all about love. It celebrates love on its many wild forms, even forms out of this world! With characters presenting unreal body modifications – you’ll find a lot of elvish-looking people, in order to present the idea that love is both selfless and limitless. On top, the forever fabulous Lizzo makes a cameo appearance, making for a video that will blow your mind.

If like Charli, you have an idea that you would like to turn into a wild reality, check out our production studios for rent all over NYC.

Carrie White