Lancôme campaign shot at GUM

One of the most delicate areas of our face are the eyes. Especially the area that contours the eyes, encompasses the lower part of the eyes that tends to wrinkle over the years, and it gets fragile as time goes by.

Being as sensitive as it is, due to the fineness of the skin, it is exposed to damage from external factors, expressive muscle contractions and the consequences of the passing of the years, so it deserves all the care and application of the right products. 

This time Lancôme comes bearing an incredible solution for anyone who wants to take care of this area specifically. With an application pearl, it is the definite tool to smooth, strengthen and relax the area. 

Shot at our film studios in Brooklyn, the incredible Taylor Hill shows it how it’s done: one pearl applicator can do it all. Are you ready? 

With top-of-the-line technology, our spaces at GUM are perfect for shooting, getting creative, experimenting and exploiting your own mind. 

Did you check out the light in Taylor’s face? We are ready to give you everything you need in any of our film and photography studios for rent in NYC, all you gotta do is list everything you want, and we can make it happen so you can live out your best #setLife

Carrie White