Hobbs & Shaw Scenes shot at GUM Film Studios

We all love a great movie. And there’s no better movie than those franchises that have been around for years and never get old.

'Hobbs & Shaw', the first spin-off of the famous franchise built by 'Fast and Furious' has presented its second official trailer for the premiere of the film. And we are proud to say the spin-off to the spin-off was shot at our GUM studios in NYC!

Some action scenes starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham (Lucas Hobbs and Deckard Shaw in the film, respectively) are combined with the hilarious Pauly D and Vinnie, characters you may remember from another franchise, Jersey shore. The sequences maintain the expectation around one of the franchises most viewed by fans of the action genre.

The explosions of Hobbs and Shaw will open a new door in the universe of Fast and Furious, unleashing action scenes throughout the world. From Los Angeles and to London, as well as from the toxicity of Chernobyl (Ukraine) to the serene beauty of Samoa (in Polynesia).

All we can say is that you should brace for what’s coming with this movie because you will be hearing a lot about it soon!

Shot by MTV at our film studios in Brooklyn is yet another taste of what we can do for you. With our film studios for rent, the most modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology, we’ll be your best shot at your best shot in New York City.

Carrie White