Apparatus: a shot in the dark - GUM Film Studios

Making a film is tricky. Not only is it about the general idea or scripts, but it's a lot of work involving small details that make the movie either success or a complete failure. 

At GUM studios, we have everything ready to go so you can get the best out of your ideas, including lights, top of the line cameras, and all the space you need for your very ambitious projects. 

Once again, we hosted an incredible project. "Interlude" is a story of human nature, with its many contrasts and unexpected turns, expressed through the design of carefully crafted pieces. The short, directed by Matthew Placek was made for the NY- based design studio Apparatus and proudly shot at GUM.

It exploits cinematographic language through its imagery; has a different proposal - the atmosphere it creates through these dim lights and dark colors will pull you in immediately. Launched under the new line, Apparatus Editions showcases fine handcraft to a degree that goes beyond the studio’s already established quality.

We can’t share many details at the moment, but we are more than certain that you will be captivated by the creativity, each one of the pieces, and the impulses of sheer creative genius. With our film studios for rent in NYC, you will be just as much slave to your own creative instinct

GUM Film Studios in NYC

Carrie White