Save some light for the dance

Dance and photography make a wonderful combination.

Surely you have noticed that, recently, it seems that dance and amazing photography have started a very fiery affair. When it comes to ballet, the result is not just beautiful, but exquisite. Dance isn’t just done in rhythm, but absolute passion and some of the most legendary dance companies are proof of this amazing phenomenon.

This shot from the NYC Ballet, with photography from David Reichman, respects the fundamental elements of dance: respect, discipline, and beauty. In this session, shot on our B stage, the pastel colors and the light play makes it the perfect accessory to the defined muscles of these athletes, along with the way they move.

Without a doubt, these dancers are not just sportsmen and women, but pieces of living art. With his unique style, Reichman captures the best of both worlds: dance, through movement and flow, and photography, through light and the right timing. Currently, the Company has approximately 90 dancers, and many of them are pictures in this photo series.

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Carrie White