The Martinez Brothers by DKNY shot at GUM

Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. With the biggest stars in fashion always attending music shows and the biggest stars in music seeking the latest fashion, it is evident that they have a tight bond that has become stronger.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, DKNY channels the spirit of New York with a campaign and video starring local talents Halsey and The Martinez Brothers. What a refreshing proposal!

If we now of anything here at GUM is that New York has an identity of its own. Its many buildings, its one-of-a-kind skyline and the many dreams it harbors makes it unique. That’s why we decided to call it home when we first started, and now we are one of the best film studio spaces for rental in the NYC area. And every time we get a NY brand working with us, it becomes something special!

“DKNY embraces the spirit of New York. It’s diversity and momentum. It’s hard work and a pinch of destiny.” Halsey said. In the campaign, Halsey and The Martinez Brothers wear the most emblematic pieces of the DKNY fall 2019 collection: plaid suits, impeccable jeans, and athleisure with leopard print for her; modern tailoring, simple classic and basic outerwear for him. With an austere black and white aesthetic, accentuated by a striking red logo, referencing the iconic innovative DKNY campaigns of the 90s.

Wanna talk opportunities? This campaign was shot in our B studios, but we have many other spaces you might love! Give us a call and we’ll prepare a proposal for you.

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Carrie White