GUM Studios Internship Opportunities

GUM Studios, located in Long Island City and now Brooklyn, offers up-close and personal filmography opportunities for individuals wishing to see behind the scenes of the world’s most iconic commercials, videos, shorts, and more today. Passionate about giving back to the community in the form of education, the studio is welcoming in all interested interns who want to really see what it takes to run a film studio in New York City today.

GUM Studios is welcoming anyone who is interested in experiencing a Level 1 Qualified Production Space. Built to be film and photo-friendly, we have in-house equipment rentals, as well as in-house production assistance that can leverage any video idea. The studio will be providing the opportunity for all interns to know more about the film industry and how it really works today.

Recently, we took the next step and opened a second studio location in Brooklyn. As one of the many accredited film studios in NYC, GUM Studios is now welcoming film studio internship participants who are passionate about their brand values, as well as the cultivation of quality and inspiring videography today.

With NYC being the top film industry location on the East Coast, GUM Studios is excited to be working with passionate, energetic interns looking forward. 

Click here for further information regarding internships at our two studio locations, contact us at