GUM Studios Hosts SNL Production With Saoirse Ronan

GUM Studios was proud to host the women of Saturday Night Live, along with host Saoirse Ronan, at our women-owned Long Island City-based film studio this past week for the filming of a culturally relevant and powerful skit regarding the uncovering of sexual predation in Hollywood and beyond today. Providing the 21,000-square-foot facility to the SNL cast and production team.

Called “Welcome To Hell,” the skit was full of stars like Kate McKinnon, Saoirse Ronan, Leslie Jones, and others making light of the history of sexual assault and silencing that has been committed against women. Capitalizing from a girly-themed aesthetic, adding an exaggerated element to the difficult topic at hand, the all-female cast went through different ways in which women have to guard their safety and personal protection on a daily basis. Especially relevant today given the dozens of accusations pouring out every single day, the skit was a wake-up call for anyone thinking this kind of sexual assault is “new.”

GUM Studios provided in-house equipment, as well as in-house production assistance to the SNL team. As a Level 1 Qualified Production Space, GUM Studios was able to contribute to the creative vision, adding their personal perspective on what it’s like to be a woman in New York City right now.

Today, GUM Studios features a 10,000-square-foot shooting area, 6,000-square-foot ground floor support space, and 5,000-square-feet of support space on the mezzanine, equipped with a large-scale green screen. GUM Studios is the only woman-owned film studio for rent in New York City.