Last year we produced our largest and most stimulating collaboration yet, CREATURES, a massive Halloween party held at our 10,000 square foot studio in LIC, Queens

We created a cosmic jungle atmosphere with metallic vibes, in collaboration with many talented people from companies such as Tableaux Vivants, Taylor Horne Studio, and Fatblood, just to name a few. 

Tableaux Vivant dazzled with their incredible latex outfits; Taylor Horne Studio provided a superb scenario for the event’s runway; and Fatblood delivered that futuristic feel with their super fun projection mapping. 

Also featured was our very own haunted house, put together by none other than the creative minds here at GUM Studios, providing a spooky adventure for over 1,000 guests! 

This extraordinary evening would not have happened without the continuous support of our partners Lovecraft Beauty, Deep Eddy Vodka, Health-Ade Kombucha, and Fifth Hammer Brewing.

We all enjoyed a long night on the dance floor, thanks to our remarkable musical guests Luxxury, Heidemann, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, MESH, Jon G and Ladycréme.

And we would like to give an extra special thanks to our hosts, Francelle Daly and Esther Langham. 

Following are pictures of that night, a party you would have to see to believe. We hope you enjoy and that you will join us next Halloween!