Steve Meisel: The legend and the man

Many people in the fashion industry want to be in the spotlight. They want to be the center o attention, to be called by big film studios in NYC, to get featured in red carpets and to appear at the headlines of every newspaper. That is not the case for Steven Meisel, one of the most revered photographers in the fashion industry today. While his personal life might be private and his appearances not rare, his work speaks for himself. His legendary work and masterful talent is something that has been in the spotlight for decades.

Born on June 5, 1954, in the tough streets of New York, this creative genius was never the one for toys. Taking up an early interest in drawing, he wasn't like any other kid: his interest in toys was none at all. Instead, he grew up appreciating the regal style of high society characters such as Gloria Guinness or Bae Paley. Their elegance, poise, and grace were fascinating to this young boy. As he grew, he took notice in other contemporary characters, such as the supermodels of the sixties Twiggy, Veruschka and Jean Shrimpton.

Making the man

He studied at the School of Art and Design and Parsons New School of Design. Contrary to what too many may think, he was actually formed as an illustrator, and in fact, he graduated with a degree in Fashion Illustration.

Working for brands like Halston and Women's Wear Daily, he started photographing some of the girls in the production team, and when the executives took notice of his talent, he began dabbling in the world of photography. He swiftly started moving through photography studios, until he became nothing short of an icon.

Since the 80's he has portrayed the faces and models that will be the face on an era.

Making a legend

Currently, Meisel is working with GUM studios, a film studio in NYC who has worked with the biggest power players in commercials, feature films, long-term TV shows, high-end photo shoots, and music videos.

This space, which allows for amazing creative freedom, large-scale productions, and amazing locations, GUM loves a challenge. Coming together with Meisel has been a beautiful adventure, and will continue to stand on our toes, to see what this amazing talent comes up with next.

Steven has managed to land the biggest jobs available such as the American Vogue covers and has made GUM studios home. Not only is he talented, but Meisel often creates controversial designs, juxtaposing fashion and politics or social standards. While often combines his talent with his own voice, and that is what makes him so powerful.

Passionate about his work, Steven is inspired by the charm of the models he shoots and the art of all times. This photographer shows, in each of his works and at first glance, an image that goes beyond just a portrait of fashion. The success of Meisel not all about his ability to capture the beauty of either the models or their garments they have on. But he also joins in with the causes that he is passionate about. Without a doubt, Steven Meisel is a man that has a lot left to give.