Embracing beauty in the New Era

The media and several industries have imposed upon society a set of beauty standards which are, in many cases, ridiculous.

Throughout history, stereotypes of beauty have been constantly changing. However, all of them establish the body of the woman as an object, forcing them to make constant efforts and sacrifices to achieve the considered "perfect body".

They affect everybody - especially women - leading to serious health problems. To prevent these ads and images presented in the media, a great number of companies and brands are jumping into the ship of tackling those standards, showing there is no such thing as a “perfect body”.  Not only opening the spectrum of weight and skin color, but many brands are opening up to different standards of beauty from around the world, normalizing and embracing differences. 

The same happens with film studios and production companies in NYC: more and more want to be involved with the shaping of “the new normal”. 

GUM studios has partnered up with We Speak NY and Spktrm Beauty to bring to light 'The Old Beauty Standards are Cancelled'. This social impact project is a statement for everyone who feels like they have to fit into a specific standard: you don’t. 

This empowering and laid back campaign is all about disarming all the harmful ideas we have been taught, along with a broader selection of people represented in the media, proving that there is not own “acceptable” body. 

Models like Kiara (@naturallykiara), Constance Smith (@lunamodela), Frankie (@frankieebby) and Margaret Sohn (@margaretsohn) have also joined this project and are on the road to proving everyone that there’s no right way to be beautiful. 

If you have any projects focused on social change and are looking for a production company in NYC, approach GUM studios! We love bringing amazing projects to life, even more so, the ones that bring light into the world.