Once again, we are very excited and proud to receive in GUM Studios, the production team of Scheme Engine. Scheme Engines had come in to make an incredible commercial for FILA, a South Korean sporting goods company.

STEP LOUD is the campaign that was produced in our film studio in Brooklyn NYC, to present the Disruptor 2 tennis with the impressive dance steps of Najla Gilliam and Pierce Cady under the direction of Chass Todd. The Disruptor 2 tennis is a flexible and beautiful footwork. FILA was taken over in 2007 and since wowed its customers by creating new quality products that suite their needs. 

It is a great privilege for the video to be filmed at our studio; it does not only show how quality work can be done with us but also how we are still being recognized by quality acts, such as this directed by Chass Todd.

The production team occupied our 25,000 sq ft filming studio in NYC for a week, to illuminate it in an unbeatable way; thanks to our in-house light and equipment rentals company YETI. The lightings were more than perfect; and yes, our rental company played a vital role in making this a success; a shout out to you ‘all out there.

The result is phenomenal; we congratulate all the team that made this work possible and we are pleased that GUM Studios is part of this. We do hope you consider us worthy when you are about to film your next campaign.