The importance of having a green screen in a film studio

A cyclorama or a green screen as it is usually called is nothing more than a wall with a special curvature that is used as a background for the filming of videos, movies or tv shows. These walls make a 90-degree angle where the floor meets the wall creating an "infinity" effect in the shot.

The green screen is one of the most used resources for the production of television commercials and film filming. Having a cyclorama within your essentials if you have a film studio will allow you to have the possibility of playing with lighting and staging.

The reasons why the screen is usually green is because the sensors of the cameras are prepared to capture better in that color, like the human eye. The idea is to fully capture the green color and then be able to erase it in the post-production to include other elements and achieve the desired effect.

What to keep in mind when using it?

  • Use it as a background for when you have productions or films where you require the background to be a place or space to which you can not go to shoot. Also for photography is useful when they want to make photomontages and replace the color with some landscape or special effect. There are many ways to create a suitable background, from buying the fabrics to painting the walls with the right colors.

  • Try to illuminate the area correctly, ideally, have two side foci, it is necessary that the lighting is uniform and that the color looks the same everywhere because it will help make postproduction much easier.

  • Use a tripod to avoid sudden movements of the camera, with a green background to the most minimal movements captured as if it were a shake.


    To replace the background of what you want, it will be easy if you took the first steps as it is. Take the clips to your editing software and place the background image on a second track and then activate the chromatic color filter. Adjust the color settings if you see something brushstroke and ready.


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